Saturday 10 December 2016

Where You Should Avoid Pair Of Tweezers

eye pluck

At this time of year hair removal tends to fall towards the bottom of our to do list, but while we might skip the odd grooming session it’s still a major bugbear for most women.

In fact, more than half of women say that excess hair causes them body dissatisfaction with one in 10 suffering from surplus fuzz.

While a micro-trend of people are tossing out their razors and embracing the fluff if you prefer to look and feel smooth it’s important to get rid properly.

Reaching for the tweezers might seem like the easiest solution but speaking to Femail, beauty guru Sam Marshall revealed that it could be potentially dangerous, depending on the type of hair.

Grey hairs

Spotting a grey hair strikes a sense of fear in the best of us but put the tweezers down. Plucking can actually damage the hair follicle causing it to send a message that there’s no real need for it to produce hair in this area. The result? Potential bald spots. It can also ruin the texture of your hair and is not a permanent fix.


If you’ve ever fallen foul of an over-plucked brow you’ll be well aware that they rarely grow back as bushy as before. This is because plucking your brows too much can cause trauma to the hair follicle meaning you run the risk of permanently losing your natural shape forever. If you do prefer to pluck, remember to give your eyebrows a break every now and then to allow them to recover.

Beard hairs

Rogue beard hairs might be a nuisance but they’re to be left well alone, by the tweezers at least. Plucking beard hairs can cause the skin underneath to become irritated and leave you more likely to suffer from ingrown hairs and infections. Plucking nose hairs is also a serious no no. Armpit hairs

Other than being downright painful, plucking your armpit hairs can be harder and more harmful to the skin. If you’re looking for a more permanent solution then laser removal is probably your best bet.

Pubic hairs

Just like coarse beard hair, your intimate area should never be plucked in fear of irritation, ingrown hairs and infection. Alternatively, waxing is much kinder to the skin and leaves you with a much smoother and longer lasting finish.



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