Friday, 30 December 2016

Marijuana Leaf Trousers For Children Sold On Amazon Left Parents In Uproar


The garment, which was on sale at global online retail giant Amazon, appears to have a marijuana leaf motif printed across it.

Marijuana, or Cannabis, is illegal in most countries for recreational use and only legal in some areas of the US for medical consumption.

The online store on the huge internet retailer is named AOSHILONG-Baby and is based in Asia.

It sells numerous garments for children, from hoodies with animals ears to printed leggings and shirts.

The offending item, which was labelled as “leaf green” on the site, appears to have been reduced from $46.49 (£37.93) to $5.99 (£4.08) to $7 (£5.71) on the site on one image.

However, in another image it appears to have been reduced from £10.49 to £6.69.

The design was one of a number of patterns available, also including Looney Tunes themed designs and tropical palm tree prints.

One shopper, from Florida, contacted local station WFTX to highlight the sale of the leggings to kids.

She said: “I just think that’s very inappropriate for a three-year-old, not something they should be advertising.”


Another disgruntled woman wrote on her Facebook page: “Amazon is selling a line of leggings for toddlers featuring green marijuana and parents are not happy.

“Apparently it’s not the type of potty training they had in mind.”

Sophie, who unfortunately lost her battle with cancer in January this year, was forced to undergo intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy after her diagnosis to try and shrink the tumours inside her lungs.

But Jamie revealed that one of doctors’ concerns was Sophie already being at a low weight and that, like many others, chemotherapy could have the potential to kill her, not the cancer.

Jamie said: “We did the research and found that there was a movement coming from all round the world that described the benefits medicinal cannabis oil has on the body.

“Some claim they have seen their tumours shrink, reduce or go completely.”



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