Friday 2 December 2016

Property Prices Within This Area In London Is Cheaper


Property prices in London already much more higher. But here are certain areas in London where you might find property prices are cheaper and reasonable to live.

The South West is expected to see the strongest growth next year, followed by the East of England and the East and West Midlands, the high end agency predicted.

It comes after Britain's housing market beat Brexit predictions of doom this year, said Knight Frank.

Growth is expected to continue across the country in 2017, except in London.


After years of bumper growth, the capital's market is set to finally run out of steam - and price falls of one per cent have been predicted.

High end property in West London has already seen values crash by seven per cent in 2016, showed Knight Frank analysis.

Overall London mainstream prices increased by an average seven per cent in 2016 - below the East of England and the South East where values jumped by eight and 7.5 per cent respectively.

Next year prices in Wales are expected to remain flat, while small growth of 0.1 per cent is expected in Scotland.



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