Friday, 2 December 2016

Ryanair Introduces A Special Feature

Ryan Air

Budget airlines Ryanair introduces a new feature to book your flights.

In order to buy Ryanair flights, British travellers will have to sign up for a myryanair account.

Customers simply have to sign up using their email and setting up a password.

The move comes as Ryanair want to stop screenscrapers such as eDreams and Google ripping people off with hidden charges.

The Ireland-based budget airline made the account compulsory after it welcomed a German court ruling against eDreams.

The ruling ordered eDreams to display the final price of flights, including all surcharges levied by the online travel agent, at the beginning of the booking process.

Speaking at a press conference, Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said: “The rules and how Google and eDreams display flights has changed.

“But customers are still being ripped off - they are still adding hidden charges on top of Ryanair flights.

“We are against screen scrapers who will try and mislead customers, who will had on charges and just don’t do it the right way.”

Kenny also added that by having a myrayanair account, not will customers be protected from screenscrapers, there are also benefits.

He said: “A couple of months ago we reached 15 million customers who had signed into myryanair.

“In the UK about 55 per cent of customers already had chosen to have a myryanair account. We are not making it compulsory.

“This is because we want to get more information on our customers so that we can sell them personalised holidays - target the right accommodation and transportation options.

“They will also get get first access to sales and special offers.”

The story comes as Ryanair today launched flight, accommodation and transfer holiday package deals.

Ryanair has partnered with Spain-based tour operator, Logitravel, and accommodation provider, World2Meet, to create Ryanair Holidays.

The new package deal launches in the UK, Ireland and Germany today, with other markets to follow in 2017.



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