Friday 23 December 2016

Two Police Officer Found Sleeping On The Floor At A Crime Scene


Two police officers were issued with a final written warning after they were found sleeping on the job at a crime scene.

Police Constables Scott Stark and Joynal Miah, of Tower Hamlets borough, were called to protect a crime scene.

But at 4.30am the pair were found on the floor asleep – leaving the crime scene unattended and their equipment unprotected.

At a misconduct hearing yesterday, a panel found their conduct amounted to a breach of Standards of Professional Behaviour, in respect of ‘Duties and Responsibilities’ and ‘Discreditable Conduct’.

A spokesman for Met Police said both officers showed genuine insight and remorse for their failings and the risk of repetition was found to be low.

The panel agreed to hand the officers a final written warning.

‘The chair is determined that the focus of this hearing should be upon the misconduct of the two officers and not the location of the crime scene to which the officers were posted,’ a spokesman added.

The details and location of the crime scene have not been disclosed.



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