Sunday 15 January 2017

Five Most Common Skin Problems That Could Signal A Major Health Issue


When it comes to our bodies, it’s very easy to notice when something’s different: either we can feel it or we can see it.

So when a new pimple sprouts on our chin we usually think nothing of it bar hoping it will go away ASAP.

However, something as little as a pimple could signal a much bigger health issue that needs to be addressed. Here are five small skin things that could mean something much more sinister.

Note: if you suspect one of these could be you it is recommended you visit a dermatologist.

1. A pimple that won’t go away or bleeds when you pick it

If you have a pimple that won’t budge even after a few weeks and bleeds when you pick it, it could be a form of skin cancer.

“I see so many patients who come in complaining of a pimple that won’t heal and it ends up begin a basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma, the two most common forms of skin cancer,” dermatologist Bradley S. Bloom told Men’s Health.

Other than cancer, the pimple could also be a Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), a bacterial infection resistant to many forms of antibiotics.

2. A patch of dry skin even moisturiser won’t fix

If you have been moisturising well for over a month and you are still left with rough patches on your skin, it could be a pre-cancer signal called actinic keratosis.

This usually appears on your ears, face or scalp and other places that have been exposed to the sun. Your dermatologist would be able to diagnose it on the spot and start you on the treatment of liquid nitrogen which destroys the cells.

3. Your eyebrows are thinning

Thinning brows may be the sign of an underachieve thyroid gland - something relatively easy to fix. Your dermatologist will most likely recommend oral medication to restore your thyroid hormone levels and your brows will slowly grow back.

4. You have a mark under your toenail that’s not growing out

Marks can appear under out toenails for a number of reasons but if it isn’t growing out, you should see your dermatologist.

“This can be a sign of melanoma, and there’s a good chance your doctor will biopsy the spot to be sure,” clinical instructor of dermatology at the University of Southern California, Tsippora Shainhouse told Men’s Health.

5. You have chapped lips that won’t heal

Oh, winter. While we love any excuse to get rugged up or just spend all day in bed, we can’t help but dislike how you dry out our skin - especially our lips.

If your lips have been particularly bad and lip ointment won’t do the trick after 4-8 weeks of application, it could be down to pre-cancerous lesions cause by sun exposure, Shainehouse said.

She warned: “Since most men don’t wear lip balms or lipsticks with sunscreen in them every day like many women do, they are at a greater risk for developing this condition."



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