Sunday 15 January 2017

Gatwick To Bring Major Changes - Are You Aware Of It?


Passengers who are planning on jetting off on holiday from LGW later this month need to be aware of the following changes.

If you have caught a flight from Gatwick before, you’ll know that the airport has two terminals: North and South.

But three popular airlines – British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic – are moving as part of the airport’s overhaul.

The changes will take place over two days later this month.

From 24 January 2017, all easyJet flights will depart from the North Terminal.

And from 25 January 2017, all British Airways flights will depart from the South Terminal and all Virgin flights will depart from the north.

All other airlines, including Thomson, Thomas Cook, Norwegian and Emirates, won’t be affected by these changes and will stay put.

Here are the full details:
From 24 January 2017:

All easyJet flights will depart from the North Terminal

*From 25 January 2017:

All British Airways flights will depart from the South Terminal
All Virgin flights will depart from the North Terminal

* Two British Airways flights are moving before 25 January
From 11 January 2017, BA2273 to New York will depart from South Terminal
From 19 January 2017, BA2612 to Naples will also depart from South Terminal

And if you’re flying around this time, Gatwick airport offers the following advice for travellers:

1. Checking your departure terminal

If you’ve booked a flight after 24 January 2017, you might be departing from a different terminal than you’re used to.

Your airline should have told you which terminal to go to, and we’ll have extra staff and signage as a reminder.

Remember to check before heading to your usual terminal – turn off the autopilot.

2. Checking your arrival terminal

If you fly out before 24-25 January 2017 but return after, affected airlines will return to a different terminal.

Bear this in mind when you book your parking, or arrange a meeting point to be picked up from.

If you need to, travel between the two terminals using our free shuttle service, which is clearly signposted and takes just a couple of minutes.



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