Sunday 15 January 2017

How To Find Out If Someone Has Searched For Your Facebook Profile Which Does Not Required Snooping Permission


If you're a bit of a Facebook addict, chances are you've logged into the social networking site on any and every computer you've been sat in front of for more than a couple of minutes.

That's fine, we're not your boss, we're not going to tell you off. How regularly do you remember to sign out though can cause serious problems.

If you're even a little lax with the logoffs, there could be dozens of people looking at your account without your knowledge.

'So what?' you might think, 'people can view my Facebook page anyway, right?'.

Well, how about if they could see your private messages too? Eep, right?

Fortunately there's a way to see exactly who's looking at your Facebook account and, more importantly, kick them off if you don't want them there.

How? Read on to find out.


If you're using Facebook on either your computer or smartphone app, you'll need to point your browser in the direction of Settings > Security > Where you're logged in.

<>Here you'll be able to see exactly how many machines you're currently logged in on.

If, like us you're currently signed in on 22 different devices - yes 22, and no, we're not sure how we've managed it either - then there's a chance that something dodgy could be afoot.

Fortunately, Facebook offers far more than just a list of devices assigned to your account.

As well as being able to see the type of device - desktop, iPhone or Android - you're logged in with, and the IP address used to access the social service, you can also see the location of the device and even, to the minute, the exact last time this machine was used to access your account.

Although most of these logons are likely to be innocent cases of old computers or phones no longer in use, if you notice a device at your ex's home was used to access your account months after you broke up, or your work computer has been used to look at your account despite you having been off sick for a week, you know someone's looking at your Facebook account without your permission.


If you notice dodgy activity on your account, thankfully, there's a way to kill these unwanted connections without traipsing halfway across the country or to the other side of the world to find the physical machine and log off.

On Facebook's desktop service, clicking the 'End activity' option next to each sign on will automatically kill the connection, sign you out and disassociate your login from that machine.

On mobile you can achieve the same by clicking the little 'x' icon.

This is a cure to an existing problem rather than preventative measures for future troubles though.


If you want to see who might be looking at your account in the future, and stop them at the source, there are ways of achieving this.

Firstly, you can set up log-in alerts. These will notify you whenever someone other than yourself attempts to use your details to log in to Facebook, no matter what machine they're using or where.

To set this up you'll need to visit Settings > Security > Login Alerts on either your computer or phone.

Still not satisfied with your safety? You can build on these alerts with login approvals which require secondary approval before any attempted logins are allowed to go through.

To turn these on, you'll need to point your machine towards Settings > Security > Login Approvals and flick that switch to on. Once activated, login codes will be sent to your phone when you legitimately want to login on a new machine.

With all of this activated, only those you really want to see your Facebook activity will be able to see it.



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