Wednesday 25 January 2017

iPhone Users Should Update Their iOS 10 Now To Protect Against Hackers


Apple has pushed-out an update to iOS. And you should really download and install it.

The iPhone company rolled-out iOS 10.2.1 to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch owners worldwide earlier today.

The updated version of iOS includes a number of critical patches and security updates.p

Apple has included fixes to 13 flaws that allowed hackers to unlock features, contacts, the kernel, and Wi-Fi without the device owners' permission.

The new update is available for the Apple iPhone 5 and later, 4th generation iPad or newer and the iPod touch 6th generation and later.

Security fixes in operating system updates are nothing unusual, often patching glitches, bugs and flaws unearthed by researchers.

The patches included in the latest version of iOS 10 are especially significant, since the flaws could result in exploited devices being controlled by hackers.

"An application may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges," Apple explains in its security updates webpage.


Fortunately, these flaws were uncovered by researchers which suggests they were not yet being used "in the wild" by cybercriminals.

One of the issues with the kernel would allow an application to execute and run code within an iPhone.

The flaws found in WebKit, the web browser engine that powers the Safari app, could also theoretically allow external code to run on any iPhone.

Speaking about the flaw, senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, JP Taggart told Wired Magazine: "It can add files, delete files, or execute any actions.

"Want to record conversations and forward them to someone else? It can do that.

"Want to install additional malicious software? It can do that.

"Want to uninstall programs on the affected phone? It can do that.

"Want to hide these actions, programs and files from the user? It can do that too."

As well as updating iOS with a number of security flaws, Apple also pushed-out new versions of iTunes, Safari, iCloud for Windows, watchOS and tvOS.

It also rolled-out a new version of its desktop operating system, macOS Sierra.

The new version of macOS includes a number of stability and security improvements.

However, it's also thought this latest update will resolve the battery life issues that have hit some owners of the 2016 MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Before you update your device, it's worth double-checking to make sure you have a recent backup.

On your iPhone, head to Settings > iCloud > Backup then choose Back Up Now.

When you're reading to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, navigate to Settings > General > Software Update.

Updates can be downloaded and installed while connected to a wifi network, or when your iPhone is connected to a computer running iTunes via USB.



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