Sunday 22 January 2017

SKY Is Set To Hiking Its Prices IN March


Thousands of Sky phone, broadband and bundle TV customers are to see their bills rise on 1 March, the company has confirmed.

Customers are to be informed of the hike in due course, however a number of billboard posters are now advertising a price rise, with a statement on the official Sky website saying a new billing changes will come into force on 1 March 2017.

A Sky spokesperson told Daily Mirror: "Whenever we review our pricing we work hard to keep any rises to a minimum. We will be contacting the relevant customers in advance to let them know of any changes to their bill."

Sky's last line rental price change came into effect on 1 December 2015 - with bills rising by £1 to £17.40 a month. This is the current monthly rate.

However, Sky - which recently revealed plans to launch its own mobile phone service - could not confirm exactly how much line rental will increase by on 1 March 2017.

Previous to that, in June 2016, the firm hiked the prices of 10 of its most popular TV packages , including Sky Variety and Sky Sports, with packages rising by as much as £2.50 a month - or £30 a year for households.

It said the increase was made to raise money for further investment in 'content and customer experience' including shows on Sky Atlantic, the new Sky Sports Mix Channel and a new Sky Kids app for those with the Variety, Family and Sky Q bundles.

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A month later, the firm announced a £1.1billion profit that year.

Recent research from satellite TV service Freesat found that the cost of Sky TV’s popular packages has risen at four times the rate of wage inflation and twice as fast as UK rail fares in the past seven years.

In 2010, a basic Sky package topped up with sports channels cost £35 a month, but subscribing to the equivalent package today, known as ‘The Original Bundle’, with sports channels added, would cost you £49.50 – a 41% increase.

Freesat spokesperson Jennifer Elworthy said: "The cost of Pay TV is becoming increasingly unaffordable, leaving wage growth a long way behind. Our research has found that 99% of the most watched shows of Sky customers are available on free-to-air."

Mobile phone network EE also recently announce changes to its line rental costs, pushing the price up by an average of £1.50 per month to around £18.50 per month. The new pricing is due to take effect from 23 January 2017.



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