Monday 9 January 2017

This Could Be The UK's First Alcohol-Free Bar


Could this alcohol-free bar be the start of a new trend to help battle Britain's binge drinking epidemic?

The establishment in Middlesbrough aims to offer problem drinkers a place to go where they won't be lured by the temptation of alcohol.

Bar Zero will have music and comedy nights to show people how alcohol isn't necessary to have a good time - and they are even planning to have a cinema room.

It comes as hundreds of thousands of people across the country give up alcohol for a month as part of Dry January .

Bar Zero is part of a wider programme to help people in the town with drink problems by giving them a place to meet and support each other, as well as welcoming anyone who just fancies a night away from the booze, reported .


The charity CEO Sleepout, working in partnership with Middlesbrough-based Recovery Connections and public health colleagues from the council, funds the bar and its neighbour downstairs, Fork in the Road, which is offering restaurant jobs to ex-offenders, the long-term unemployed and recovering addicts.

CEO Sleepout’s Andy Preston said: “We led the Public Health England capital bid and CEO Sleepout has heavily invested in the Fork in the Road restaurant, with a view to the profits supporting the ongoing future of Bar Zero.

“What we hope is that this can help change lives by bringing people together, which can be motivational, inspirational and develop a sense of identity.

“There is a stage in one corner where we are planning comedy and music nights and we are working on a cinema room which can be hired out.

“I am so proud of what we have done here and the impact it could have on the town.”


The menu offers a range of non-alcoholic drinks – from high-quality coffees and teas to unique signature ‘mocktails’.

Middlesbrough council's public health project leader Jonathan Bowden said: “We are excited about bringing this concept to the town.

“The significant investment from Public Health England, supported by Middlesbrough council, ensures that Bar Zero will have the opportunity to positively impact on local residents.

“In addition to the offer of an alcohol-free night out, Bar Zero will also provide training and employment prospects to those who may struggle to get other opportunities.

“Middlesbrough people are generous and love a good night out, so I know that they will support the charitable aims of Bar Zero - the profits will be used exclusively to fund initiatives aimed at helping individuals, families and communities affected by health inequalities within the town.”



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