Monday 9 January 2017

Website Reveals What The Person Before You Searched For

search engine

Most of us have shiftily looked something up on Google that we'd rather keep private.

From slightly embarrassing medical issues, naff guilty-pleasure pop songs, to researching issues which are personal to you, the search engine never judges you.

We're not here to judge, either. What you look up on Google is your business.

Sort of.

There is in fact a way of finding out what the person just before you searched.

Here's how it works.

The tool is called Mystery Search and while there's no way of knowing who that person is, it does throw up their results.

So when you type something in, the person after you will be able to see what that was.

For example, we were daydreaming about dinner, so decided to look up some inspiration.

search engine

A search for flowers which bloom in winter got us a result for how old Tom Hardy is (39 in case you were wondering), but the possibilities are endless and capable of being VERY weird - worryingly so sometimes.

Because now people are cottoning on to this tool, they're having some fun with it.

Taking to Reddit to share what the Mystery Search churned up for them, users revealed the results they got.

There were alarming ones.

"I got 'how to join KKK,'" someone disturbingly revealed.

There were nonsense ones.

'I spent ages pondering before going for 'origin of shiver me timbers'. I got 'lol lol lol'"

And there was penis banter aplenty.

"I spent a lot of time coming up with Peter Piper's Pickled Penis.'" revealed another user, "because I wanted to have the shock value, but I wanted it to be semi-clever and I got back 'sunflower garden.'

Better luck next time.

Other results were 'sexy Pikachu', 'text me pictures of Chewbacca' and someone in Russia who is worried about what's eating wild and domestic raccoons.

There is of course a downside to the Mystery Search fun. Some results probably aren't the sort of thing you want on your internet history.

Take it from Redditor FlyAwayWithMeTomorrow, who said, "I'm stopping due to possibly highly legally questionable material showing up for my ISP in a search."



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