Monday, 30 January 2017

UK To Embrace Sub-Zero Temperature By Next Week


Terrifying maps show the massive storm surge which is set to cripple the UK this week.

Forecasters say the country will face plummeting temperatures and a barrage of snow and ice from the middle of February.

The bone-chilling conditions will smash into the UK following a period of milder, wet and windy weather over the next two weeks.

Most people will need to batten down the hatches as torrential rain and 70mph winds batter the nation.

Gusts are feared to reach gale-force in some regions by the middle of the week.

Experts reckon that next month’s cold snap could trigger an increase in deaths after 1,023 people more than the average died when the mercury dipped to -5C this month.

Met Office forecaster Emma Salter said: “It’s a big change from cold to unsettled conditions into February


"A westerly flow means wet and windy spells at times, but it looks like it’s turning colder again in mid and late February.

“The wind direction is expected to shift to a colder direction, which is from the east or north, with high pressure building.

“Wintry conditions are possible again. People should keep an eye on the forecast.”

A spokesman added: “During the second half of February there are signs of a more prolonged colder spell developing.”

In each of the last five years temperatures in February have dropped to at least -8C and as low as -18C.

Most people who die in cold weather are elderly, with just 20% of winter death victims being aged under 75, according to the Office for National Statistics.

The Department of Health said the cold worsens winter killers such as flu, chest diseases, heart attacks, strokes and dementia.

Public Health England said many deaths are preventable, blaming draughty houses, poor heating and people failing to wrap up warm.

Dr Thomas Waite, of PHE’s extreme events team, said: “Thousands of people die because of their exposure to cold weather.

"It’s important we all do everything we can to ensure everyone stays well.”



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