Tuesday 28 February 2017

How To Spot Fake £5 Notes

£5 Notes

Police warned that crooks are attempting to pass off forgeries of the plastic note, which is designed to be impossible to counterfeit.

And although the Bank of England is unaware of any forgeries of the new notes, it did say that the notes’ design had been crudely copied onto paper in a number of cases.

A Dorset PCSO has warned that counterfeit “new £5 notes” have entered circulation, although Somerset Live reports that it is unclear whether this alert refers to the polymer fivers.

The central bank is now investigating the claims as Dorset Police seeks to clarify comments made on Thursday, when PCSO Sarah Dutton issued the warning.

She said: “Please be aware of counterfeit new five pound notes circulating in the area. Report any suspicious activity via 101 or 999 if it is an emergency.”

Although the officer has not seen any of the notes herself, it is possible that she was referring to previously-uncirculated paper fivers – and not the new plastic tender.

The supposedly-counterfeit notes have been spotted around the Poole area, where residents are advised to call 101 and tell the police if they come across any.

You should not take the note to your bank or building society if you suspect it to be fake.

The polymer fivers, which recently caused a stir due to their non-vegetarian ingredients, are designed to be much harder to fake than the paper notes which they are replacing on May 5.

However, if you are worried that you may have a forged fiver, there are a number of signs to look out for.

Things to look out for if you're worried about fake fivers

- Check the see-through window and the portrait of the Queen

- Check the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) is gold on the front of the note and silver on the back

- Check the foil patch below the see-through window changes from "Five" to "Pounds" when tilted

- Check the coronation crown appears 3D

- Check the ultraviolet "5" which will appear at the bottom left of the note when a UV light is shined on it

- Check the circular green foil patch on the back which contains the word "BLENHEIM"



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