Tuesday, 28 February 2017

UK’s 20 Most Affordable Cities - Where You Can Buy A Home For Just Four Times Than The Average Salary

UK Properties

As an average housing prices are set to rise faster than earnings, many people are at risk of being shut out from the housing market completely.

But there are some cities in the UK where buyers can still get plenty of bang for their buck.

Research by Lloyds Bank has revealed that the average ratio of house prices to earnings has reached 7.1 – the highest level since the 2008 credit crisis.

But thankfully there is still hope for would-be homeowners, and it comes in the form of the UK’s most affordable cities.

These are the places where the ratios of house prices to average earnings are lowest, and in some cities you can bag a home for just four times the average salary.

UK Properties

Stirling comes in as the UK’s most affordable city, where house prices are just 3.7 times the average salary.

And Londonderry takes second place, whilst Bradford was named England’s most affordable city, with the rank of third in the UK.

Herford is England’s second most affordable city, going against the clear North/South divide evident in the affordability rankings.

Sunderland, Durham and Newcastle upon Tyne all feature in the list, which sees Swansea named as Wales’ cheapest city, taking the number 10 spot for the whole of the UK.

And in cities such as Lancaster, Liverpool and Hull you can bag a house for under 5.5 times the average salary.

The UK’s 20 most affordable cities, with their ratios of house prices to average earnings, can be seen in full below.

1. Stirling (Scotland) – 3.7

2. Londonderry (Northern Ireland) – 3.8

3. Bradford (Yorkshire and Humberside) – 4.4

4. Belfast (Northern Ireland) – 4.6

5. Herford (West Midlands) – 4.7

6. Lisburn (Northern Ireland) – 4.8

7. Sunderland (North East) – 4.9

8. Durham (North East) – 5

9. Glasgow (Scotland) – 5.2

10. Swansea (Wales) – 5.2

11. Newcastle upon Tyne (North East) – 5.3

12. Lancaster (North West) – 5.3

13. Liverpool (North West) – 5.3

14. Hull (Yorkshire and the Humber) – 5.4

15. Inverness (Scotland) – 5.5

16. Salford (North West) – 5.5

17. Dundee (Scotland) – 5.5

18. Preston (North West) – 5.6

19. Derby (East Midlands) – 5.6

20. Perth (Scotland) – 5.7



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