Monday 13 March 2017

Facebook's Biggest B2B Campaign Soon


Social networking giant Facebook is set to launch its biggest business-to-business advertising campaign, educating marketers to invest more in mobile video ads specifically created for the platform's smartphone users.

According to a report in Adweek on Sunday, the Facebook brand campaign to be launched on March 16, aims to educate and inspire marketers to generally shift industry mindsets toward clips created for smartphone users.

"We are targeting media agencies as well as marketers who want to tap into the power of mobile video," Gwen Throckmorton, US Head (Industry Entertainment) Facebook was quoted as saying. The campaign that will run for two months has been created by the Guild, Facebook's in-house global marketing team and interactive agency Hello Design.

"It's going to be online, it's going to be print, it's going to be out of home, and we'll use our platforms, which we think are really effective for B-to-B messaging," the report quoted Bob Gruters, group director, global marketing solutions for US, as saying.

Though Facebook has previously run ads promoting its own business outcomes, the company terms this initiative as its biggest business-to-business ad campaign to date. "It's talking about how mobile video unlocks a huge power for marketers-and consumers overall-to tell their stories," Throckmorton added.

According to Facebook, the conversation around mobile video is more relevant than it's ever been.



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