Monday 13 March 2017

John Cena To Star In 'Daddy's Home 2'

John Cena

Wrestling star and actor John Cena will be returning to film to star in the upcoming comedy "Daddy's Home 2".

The film will go on floors in Boston soon and is set to release on November 10, reports

Cena, who made a cameo at the end of 2015 film "Daddy's Home", will play a more prominent role in the second movie.

He will be joining actors Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg.

The upcoming film will once again see the two types of father figures -- the strong alpha male and the sensitive, caring type -- go head-to-head. This time around, the film will also feature older generation, played by Mel Gibson and John Lithgow.

Cena is currently gearing up for WWE main event Wrestlemania 33, which will take place early next month



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