Saturday 4 March 2017

Hugh Jackman Tips Shah Rukh To Be The Next Wolverine

Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman, known best for playing the comic book character and original X-Men member Wolverine is set to end 17-long years in the role by starring in the final installment of the series titled - Logan - alongside Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X and Dafne Keen, as Logan's daughter.

The cast of the film, walked the red carpet of the film's premiere in Taiwan, with throngs of fans waiting for hours to get a glimpse of the actor.

Hugh spent time with all his fans knowing that this was the last time he was walking as the iconic character, Wolverine.

In an exclusive interview to India Today, Jackman confessed if any one had to fill his shoes as Wolverine it would be Shah Rukh Khan.

Hugh Jackman

'I am friends with him but he (Wolverine) is a wonderful character, he should be played by many people in the comic book series now 50 odd years , 59 years or something many many people have interpreted the character in different ways and he is the better for it and I think the same goes with Bond, same with Batman.

'The more people interpret it, the better it is.'

The 48-year old actor is an avid cricket fan and the India-Australia test series is something that he's looking forward to.

Australia might have won the first match of the series, but Jackman is rooting for our skipper, Virat Kohli.

Hugh Jackman

'Kohli is amazing. You know what I love about him, he thinks out of the box. You know what else I love about the Indian cricketers is that I notice they respect and love their fans and I take inspiration from that.'

Not many people are aware that Hugh Jackman was a theatre enthusiast back in the day. In fact, his claim to fame was the musical Beauty and The Beast, where he played Gustov.

Having covered, films, theatre and musicals, what is keeping him away from Bollywood?

'Nothing's keeping me away, he said. 'I would love to do a Bollywood movie at some point. So ya, am open.'

Logan is all set for a March 3 release in India, and Hugh Jackman, finally bids adieu to the character that put him on the map across the world, and it wasn't easy.

'It's emotional but also weirdly peaceful, does that make sense? When I watched the film in Berlin sitting next to Sir Patrick Stewart I grabbed his hand in the last 5 minutes and I had tears rolling down my face . It's kind of unbelievable.'



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