Saturday, 4 March 2017

Merkel Offers To Egypt Help In Stemming Migration To Europe


Angela Merkel has sought to help Egypt in tackling migration to Europe as the German Chancellor visited the country ahead of a trip to Tunisia.

After meeting President al-Sisi, she said she had discussed assistance and equipment to clamp down on human traffickers and prevent a new route from opening up.

They also talked of helping Egypt deal with the region’s refugee crisis.

“We have reached concrete agreements on border control, Egypt has made suggestions on technical support. Further talks are needed on that, but on the point of border control, Germany is ready to offer further support,” Merkel said.

In Cairo Merkel met the head of the Coptic Christian Orthodox Church of Alexandria, Pope Tawadros ll, declaring her solidarity at a church where a terrorist attack recently killed more than two dozen people.

The Chancellor also visited the headquarters of Al-Azhar, which represents the largest Islamic institution in the Arab world.



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