Monday 6 March 2017

‘Logan’ Tops US Box Office


The “X-Men” spinoff “Logan”-starring Hugh Jackman as the metal-clawed, mutant anti-hero Wolverine-dominated North American box offices this weekend with a whopping take of $85.3/£70 million in its debut, according to industry estimates released Sunday.

Aimed at a more adult audience, it is the first R-rated outing in the “X-Men” franchise, which began in 2000 and has so far clocked up $4.4/£3.60 billion in box office revenue.

It is more of a blood-spattered dystopian road movie than a traditional superhero film, and follows Wolverine/Logan as he undertakes one final mission: to protect a young girl who has powers remarkably like his own and is being pursued by dark forces.

Dropping from first to second was Jordan Peele’s socially conscious horror film “Get Out,” with $26.1/£22 million, said box office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

Peele’s feature directorial debut-the actor is half of the comedy duo “Key and Peele”-follows a young African American (Daniel Kaluuya) who is so nervous about meeting the family of his white girlfriend (Allison Williams), he fails to realize the menace lurking at their mansion.

The movie cost under $5/£4.08 million to produce and has taken in $76/£60 million in two weeks.

Debuting in third place with $16.1/£13 million in receipts was “The Shack,” based on a Christian-oriented novel by Canadian author William Young about a grieving man’s spiritual journey after suffering a death in the family.

Fourth place went to CGI comedy “The Lego Batman Movie,” with $11.7/£9.54 million for a four-week total of $148.6/£121.20 million.

Featuring the voice of Will Arnett as the caped crusader, the Warner Bros spinoff of the “The Lego Movie” follows Batman as he tries to save Gotham City from being taken over by the Joker, voiced by Zach Galifianakis.

“Before I Fall”-think “Groundhog Day” getting a makeover for teens-took fifth place as it grossed $4.9/£4 million in the latest twist on the “time loop” as a narrative tool.

Shot over just 24 days, “Before I Fall” follows Samantha Kingston, a student in the “in crowd” who is about to lose her virginity to another popular kid.

Played by 22-year-old rising star Zoey Deutch, Sam finds herself trapped in a time loop, destined to repeat the day of her death in an auto accident over and over.



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