Monday 6 March 2017

Spring Cabbage Salad With Honey And Sprounted Lentils

Spring Cabbage Salad With Honey And Sprounted Lentils

Here are the complete recipe for spring cabbage salad with honey and sprounted lentils.

This salad is all about the crunch and bite of raw ingredients, and the honey-sweet warmth of the punchy dressing that brings it all together.


- hispi cabbage 1, firm (about 400g)

- white or red spring onions 4, thinly sliced

- sprouted lentils and/or beans 150g

- sesame seeds 2-3 tsp, toasted

For the dressing:
- ginger 20g, peeled and finely grated

- garlic 1 clove, peeled and finely grated

- orange ½, juice and finely grated zest

- tamari or soy sauce 2 tbsp

- dried chilli flakes 1-2 tsp

- honey 50g, runny

- coriander seeds 2 tsp, toasted and crushed

- sesame oil 2 tsp


- To make the dressing, combine all the ingredients in a small bowl, whisk and set aside.

- Trim off any rough or discoloured outer leaves from the cabbage. Slice it in half from top to bottom, then remove the thickest part of the stem from within each half. Slice each half into thin ribbons, no thicker than 1 cm wide. Wash the cabbage and drain well. You can spin it dry briefly if you have a salad spinner.

- Scatter the cabbage over a large serving platter, or on to smaller individual plates. Spoon half the dressing over the cabbage, then scatter over the spring onion.

- Place the sprouted lentils and/or beans in a small bowl. Drizzle 3 tbsp of dressing over it and tumble everything together. Scatter the lentils and/or beans over the plated cabbage and spring onions.

- Scatter over the toasted sesame seeds and finish by drizzling over the remaining dressing. Serve immediately.



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