Monday 24 April 2017

Three Issues Apology After Texts Are Sent To The Wrong People Following Network Problems During Weekend


Three Mobile has apologised after customers were not able to send messages or make phone calls - while some texts were delivered to the wrong person.

The company said it experienced a ‘temporary works issue’ which affected its service over the weekend.

Many customers reported receiving potentially embarrassing messages that were intended for other users - a website which reports network outages - received over 600 reports of the outages from all around the country.

One customer, Kris Hughes, commented on Saturday: ‘Can’t make or receive calls or texts in Liverpool for over three hours now.

‘It’s costing me money/work and to make it worse, I’m getting texts meant for other people, from numbers I don’t know!

‘Tried contacting Three but being told (when I eventually got through) that the network in my area is OK.’

Others reported that they are even receiving private text messages about private bank accounts.

One wrote: ‘Also got a text about a Barclays Bank account, I don’t even have one!’

The company said that it had restored calls by Saturday, but was still working to restore a full service.

In a statement, Three said: ‘We have experienced a temporary network issue which has affected calls and texts during Saturday afternoon and evening.

‘Calls have been restored and we are working to restore full service. We are currently investigating the cause of the service disruption. We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience caused.’

On the reports of midirected texts, the statement added: We are investigating these incidences but if any customer is concerned about this they should contact Three customer services.

Customers were advised to ‘ignore all text messages that you deem incorrect’.

The company was hit by a data breach in 2016 which saw personal details, including names and addresses, accessed unlawfully.



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