Thursday 4 May 2017

Using Kodi Could Land You Up Behind Bar For 10 Years


Illegally watching and sharing copyrighted content could land you in prison for up to a DECADE, thanks to the UK government's Digital Economy Act.

Following a recommendation put forward by the UK International Property Office (IPO) , the maximum prison term for copyright infringement has been increased from two years to ten.

And last week, the Digital Economy Act received Royal Assent, meaning it officially passes into law.

"I'm delighted the Digital Economy Act has become law," Matt Hancock, the minister of state for Digital and Culture said.

"This legislation will help build a more connected and stronger economy. The Act will enable major improvements in broadband rollout, better support for consumers, better protection for children on the Internet, and further transformation of government services."

Those who casually stream a couple of movies every once in a while are extremely unlikely to be prosecuted to such extremes, he said.

"For minor matters, nothing changes," he said. "But it should hopefully provide a little bit of clarity."



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