Tuesday 20 December 2016

Four Biggest Mistakes That Are Completely Destroying Your Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Making exercise part of your every day routine takes time, commitment and dedication.

You have to be focused and soon enough you begin to reap your rewards.

But these workouts can be undermined more easily than you think. Scroll down for four ways you are sabotaging your workout.

1. You don't refuel properly

After doing a high-intensity workout, one of the best things you can eat is a peanut butter and jam sandwich. Yes, really.

This is because you get protein from the peanut butter, and carbs and sugar from the bread and jam, something your body is currently lacking.

Make sure you keep a healthy snack with you if you workout before or after work as it's preferable to eat within 20-30 minutes of finishing. But keep the portion small, binge eating after a workout is an easy habit to fall into.

It's also a good idea to keep a water bottle on you so you can rehydrate throughout the day.

2. Doing heavy chores

If you ever needed an excuse to get out of doing the house work, this is it.

Doing the mowing or DIY jobs around the house while you're already sweaty may sound like a good idea but this can be rough on tired muscles, particularly when you are dehydrated or undernourished.

Make sure you recover for at least several hours or even a full day before you undertake anything too strenuous. Avoid climbing, ladder-related tasks or heavy lifting to prevent injuries.

3. Not taking off your gym clothes

Wherever you are after a workout, either at home or in your gym changing rooms, take off your sweaty gear immediately.

Damp clothing is an environment that bacteria love to cling to and, particularly in the winter months, it can also give you a deep chill.

Even if you don't shower straight away, be sure to change your clothes, socks and shoes as soon as you can as this keeps your muscles warm and loose which aids the recovery process of a workout.

4. Spend your night on the sofa

When we finish a workout, we tend to want to reward ourselves, whether it be a treat or a night in sat watching Netflix.

So before you crash out on the couch after a long workout, remember light activity is a great recovery tool – it keeps your blood circulating and helps to repair the body.

Even just gentle stretches or a walk to the coffee shop down the road will help.



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