Tuesday 20 December 2016

iPhone Has Got A Hidden Feature Here To Find It Out


Google Maps has long been the king of getting people from A to B but Apple is fighting back with a major update.

The US tech giant has just pushed out an upgrade which brings public transport support to its Maps app in the UK.

This means you can now tell Maps where you want to go and it will find the ultimate route including buses, tube, trains and ferries.

The update also precisely maps entrances and exits for tube stations and includes local signage with Apple boasting that it's worked with over 400 transport agencies, surveying over 50,000 station entrances.

Along with the all of the UK, Transit is now live in 38 cities across the globe.

Other updates to Maps brings access to ChargePoint, the world’s largest network of electric vehicle charging stations, which is now integrated into Apple Maps.

This means users will now see EV charging station badges appearing on Apple Maps and will be able to quickly and easily get directions and see hours of operation and pricing (if available).

They can also start charging and pay using Apple Pay, and see other station details.

With iOS 10, Apple also added Maps extensions to make it easy for users to make a reservation with OpenTable or Book a Ride with Uber or Lyft, right from within Maps.

When navigating by car, you can now Search Along Route to find coffee or the closest gas station, as well as choose to avoid tolls with a new toggle option that maps alternative routes.

Apple launched recently pushed out a huge update to its iOS software called 10.2.

This brings a host of new features to the popular iPhone including new animated messages, emojis and wallpapers.

There's three new wallpapers exclusive to Apple's latest releases and the Messages app gets a number of new additions, including new full-screen effects themed around love and celebration, in order for users to show their emotions in more detail than ever.

Emojis also feature heavily with Apple saying the update includes over one hundred brand new characters including extra faces, food, animals, sports and professions.


Along with the extra emojis the update also includes stability improvements and bug fixes.

There's a fix for an iPhone 7 Plus camera issue that left the device's lens stuck on zoom.

iOS 10.2 also includes a useful "Press and Hold to Speak" option, which can be accessed from the home button's Accessibility settings.



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